One of the reasons why some people are still hesitant when it comes to full electric model is the lack of charging station in certain areas and the long charging time. Well, Hyundai might have a solution to that problem.

According to Hyundai, the future Hyundai and Kia model could be coming in with solar panels in the future that could help increase the range and fuel efficiency of the eco-friendly models.

The panels will be fitted on the rooftop or hood on some of their models after 2019. Hyundai is also working on three different type of solar roof charging systems. The first that we will be seeing a silicon solar panel system that will be mounted on the roof of hybrid models and is capable of charging 30 to 60% of battery per day.

The second-gen will be a semi-transparent solar roof system that will be applied to a panoramic sunroof and can charge up an electric vehicle battery or battery mounted on a gasoline engine. The final version will be integrated into the hood and roof of an EV model but this is still being tested at the moment.


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