While design, features, and prices of the vehicle are important, it won’t matter if the vehicle is not reliable. Consumer Reports has just released their list of the least reliable vehicles in the market.

One of the models that made it onto the list is the Honda Odyssey. While it does have a lot of space to offer, the in-car electronics, power equipment, and body hardware were not as reliable as the users were hoping it would be.

Another model that made the list is the Volkswagen Atlas. Like the Odyssey, the Atlas has gotten a lot of attention because of how much space it has on the inside but the transmission is one that users just can’t get over. There were also reports of noises and leaks.

The Chevrolet Silverado HD is one of the best selling trucks in the market right now but owners have pointed out the engine problems, leaks and the in-car electronic issue made the vehicle a little less fun to own.

Do you agree that these models deserve to be at the bottom?



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