It is no secret that Ford is working on a Ford Mustang Hybrid model that will only be arriving in 2020 but we might not have to wait until 2020 to see what the hybrid will look like when it arrives.

Ford has just released a new teaser showing a futuristic looking car with a Mustang logo in the front. The logo was lit in electric blue. While it was carrying the Mustang badge, the bodywork and design look nothing like the Mustang we have right now.

The teaser also showed a V8 engine that transforms into the Mustang which made people speculate that this is not a fully electric model but a hybrid. The rear design is also different from what we have now so it made sense that this could be the next-gen Ford Mustang Hybrid model.

Of course, we will only know for sure what this is when Mustang makes an official announcement. Hopefully, we will learn more about it soon.



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