The BMW M3 and M4 models are two of the most powerful model in the BMW 3 Series-based M cars when it was released but it looks like having too much power under the hood might have also come with unexpected problems.

BMW will be recalling some of their M3 and M4 models after it was reported that the driveshaft flange might be too weak for the 406lb ft of torque that the vehicle is offered. The driveshaft could fail which would lead to a loss of connection between the driveshaft and flange. As a result of that, the vehicle might lose propulsion.

Of all the models recalled, 1456 of those are M3 while 936 units or M4s both from 2016 to 2917. There are also a few M4 GTS coupe model. The fix will include replacing the driveshaft which of course will be done for free.

Customers that have already done so on their own will be reimbursed.


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