Although they have been a lot of rumors about the Land Rover Defender, there is still a lot of details missing but Car Magazine might be able to shine some light on those and even give us some additional information on what the Land Rover Defender Sport would be offering.

According to Car Magazine, the 2020 Land Rover Defender will be coming with three body styles which will include a two-door variant and a four-door model. The Defender will be riding on the aluminum monocoque architecture which is not only stiffer but lighter as well.

The Defender will be getting an independent rear suspension with an assortment of axle, suspension and tires choices for those that need their Defender to do more.

So what about the Defender Sport? According to the reports, the Defender Sport will be arriving in 2026 and it will be getting upgrades that will make it better on the road. The engine could be similar to what the Defender will be getting. It might also get an electric engine.



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