Bentley has never been the one to follow what the others are doing. They were the first ultra-luxury automaker to bring in their own crossover model and it looks like they might also be the first to introduce an electric vehicle as well.

According to Adrian Hallmark, the CEO of Bentley, a new plan was presented to the board that would make Bentley more eco-friendly. He did not elaborate on what that could mean for their future or what we could expect but he did say they need to be more electrified for the future.

He also explains that they are now talking about their first electric vehicle which could be arriving before 2025. No word on what kind of vehicle it would be and since it has not been given a thumbs up yet, anything is possible at the moment.

With Bentley now onboard, we should be hearing about similar plans from the other ultra-luxury automakers soon as well.


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