The upcoming Toyota Supra has split the fans right in the middle. While some of them were happy that Toyota has decided to build a successor for the iconic model, other were not convinced that it should actually be called the Supra since it is more like a BMW in disguise.

We know that Toyota will be borrowing the engine, transmission and a few other bits and pieces from BMW, some fans feel like it won’t actually feel like a Supra when it arrives but according to Toyota, there was no communication with BMW engineers during the development stage of the Supra and that it will still be the Supra that the fans loved.

From what we have been seeing so far, the Supra definitely looks sharp and modern which is nice but we will have to wait until January next year to see what the vehicle will really offer. Toyota has announced that they will be showing it off at the Detroit Auto Show and this time, there won’t be any camo stickers on it.



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