Mazda is not known to be too adventures which is why most people believe the upcoming Mazda 3 model will not look too different from the concept that we saw.

When Mazda showed off their new Kai Concept, a lot of people were actually pretty happy with what Mazda had to offer and think that the Mazda 3 would look great with those design language on. Well, it looks like that is what Mazda plans to do after all.

Based on the spy images that we have been seeing, the Mazda 3 will look very similar to the concept that they have been showing off. Not only can we look forward to having a vehicle that looks amazing, but it is also believed that the updated Mazda 3 could be one of the most efficient models yet as it might be fitted with the new SkyActiv-X gasoline engine that is reported to have diesel engine like fuel economy.

However, others think the engine will not arrive in time for the Mazda 3.


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