OxyContin, an opioid fort produced by the company, Mundipharma, has experienced an increase of 1950 % since 2004. While painkillers have become the leading cause of overdose death in France, Agnès and Gentile, director of pharmaceutical affairs of the laboratory, responds to our questions.

The crisis of the opioid is in the world. The analgesic drugs, and in particular the specialties of oxycodone, is implicated. How do you respond ?

We understand that the situation in the United States is considered to be a crisis related to opioids, but we are in disagreement on the global nature of this crisis. The situation in France is very different from that of the United States.

When opioid medications are used appropriately and that they are adequately followed up, they play an important role in the management of some types of pain. The strong opioids have been approved by the health authorities in the treatment of severe pain that cannot be adequately treated by analgesics strong opioid, in particular in cancer pain.

However, the oxycodone, the same as all other opioids, can cause side effects, and is also the subject of special warnings listed in the summary of product characteristics. Therefore, we have always been vigilant about the way in which we can ensure the promotion of these products and the information provided to health professionals so that they prescribe these products appropriately and in accordance to good use.

In France, the proper use of opioids is supported by the French system, which regulates strictly to the prescribing, dispensing, and use of strong opioids. The communication laboratories from health professionals is highly regulated and the learned societies issue recommendations to good use followed…


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