The ministry of labour has presented, on 11 October, the first ten projects “Support for forward-looking skills” held on the proposal of the joint bodies approved collectors (OPCA) [financial institutions training professional] to identify, by sector or by sector, the evolution of employment and skills linked to the digital transformation.

The call for projects, launched in April, aims to support the steps forward-looking within the branches of activity. The time of training is not that of the company, there is an urgent need to anticipate so that numerical processing, robotics and artificial intelligence offer opportunities for employment rather than employees left-to-account and posts without candidates.

The OPCA Challenge, Opcaim, Opcalim, OPCA 3 +, FAF.TT, Fafiec, Afdas, Evaluate, AFT, Transport and services, and the Union of employers of the social economy, and industry of the particular employer concerned by this call for projects will be responsible for carrying out the ten projects in order to facilitate the forward management of employment, the bridges between the professions within and outside of the professional branches, and reduce in the companies the share of jobs that do not find takers.

150, 000 deals not with

by the End of 2017 already, a study of the employment and it found that 4.7% of the ads placed by businesses, that is, 150, 000 deals were were not provided ” due to the lack of suitable candidates “. 51 % of recruiters stated that the fact of not finding a candidate was ” the most often linked to a shortage of training in the skills required for the position “. The drop-recruitment lack of applicants were from 72 % services, 13 % trade, 6 % construction, 6 % from industry and 2 % from agriculture. The sectors covered by the ten projects selected by the State are the transportation, retail, digital,…

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