There is nothing worse than not being able to know what the ending is like especially when the fans have been following Clementine’s story for so many years. Luckily for the fans, the creator of The Walking Dead has decided to step in. 

After what has happened to Telltale, it did look like we were not going to get any more episodes for The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The announcement was made the same week that Episode 2 was released. 

However, it was now announced that Skybound Games will be stepping in to complete the task of finishing the game. According to them, they will be getting the original development team back to finish the project for them. We are not sure if they can really do that since some of them have already been offered other opportunities but it looks like they are serious about completing it. 

Skybound Games is part of Skybound Entertainment which was founded by The Walking Dead creator Kirkman and David Alpert. 



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