In the game Red Dead Redemption 2, you can loot strangers and steal items from private property and what can you do after that? Well, you can sell it off but not just to anyone.

In the whole game, there will only be four fences where you can usually sell off these stolen goods. Seeing as the map is so huge, finding these four fences might not be so easy so we here are the locations where you can find them.

The first location is Emerald Ranch. In the south-west edge of Emerald Range on the backside of a massive barn. The second location is the Van Horn Trading Post. The third location is in Rhodes near the bright red trailer in the small trailer park to the north. The final location is at Saint Denis. The fence is hidden at the busy market square.

To sell items at the fence, you will need to complete Chapter 2’s The Spines of America mission.


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