As much as I enjoyed the classic Pokemon games, the one thing that I always dreaded was the caves part mainly because you will come across Pokemons after Pokemons and after a while, it can get quite frustrating. You can always carry Repel but then you have to be aware of the steps you are taking.

To make things less frustrating on the new Pokemon game Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, it looks like the Pokemons will only appear in the overworld. While it will still spawn once in a while, it won’t be as frequent.

The demo also showed that the developers made a few changes to the story of the game to keep things fresh and unpredictable. In Mt Moon, Team Rocket appears right when you enter Mt Moon instead of the end.

At this point, we are still not sure of the new Pokemon game is as good as the older games but we are ready to give it a chance.


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