will There be there for Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s a before and an after October 16 ? The images of the search hectic at the headquarters of France insubordinate (BIA), Tuesday, marked the spirits : we see the member of parliament for the Bouches-du-Rhône and leader of BIA intimate to his “comrades ” to” push ” the door of their local area, while the police acting in the course of two preliminary investigations separate, on the accounts of campaign of the presidential 2017, and the assistants of Mr. Mélenchon to the european Parliament. The show “Everyday life” has also released a sequence where we see the former socialist senator, shoving the representative of the public prosecutor. In addition, the output of the search, Tuesday, 16 October, Mr Mélenchon denounced a ” political police “, calling into question the independence of the judiciary.

circumstances such as, the next day, the prosecutor’s office in Paris has opened against him a procedure to ” threats or acts of intimidation against the judicial authority and violence on the people agents of the public authority “. For their part, the “dissenters” have announced that “complaints of violence” would be filed. “Four people present on the scene were aware of the beatings and injuries by a doctor,” assured Manuel Bompard, a leader of BIA, on Twitter.

Attitude “unacceptable”

This episode will there be an impact on the stature of the presidential candidate of Mr Mélenchon ? In addition to the shock images, these are also his words, that shout : “The Republic, it is me ! “, “I am more than Jean-Luc Mélenchon, I am 7 million people !” or ” My person is sacred, [as parliamentarians]. “How amazing is the hand of the one who has been fighting for many years for a sixth Republic” less monarchical “.

The chief of the Untamed refers to the sacrosanctitas,…


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