Halloween might officially be over but in the Fortnite universe, Halloween is still happening thanks to the Halloween-themed Fortnitemares event which will only be going on until the 4th of November.

If you have not completed the challenges and unlock the new Dark Engine Glider, you only have a few days to do so. But besides that, Epic appears to have one more event before it all ends.

On their Twitter account, Epic Games teased that there will be a one-time event that will be taking place on the 4th of November at 10 AM PT. They did not provide any additional details on what it will be so we can only wait and see.

One-time events have always been a thing. One such event was when a rocket was launch which causes a giant rift in the sky of the Island. There was also another one about a lightning storm which struck the desert and started the whole purple cube mystery.



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