Microtransactions will be part of the upcoming Fallout 76 game and seeing as how these microtransactions can affect the game in the past, it is clear why the fans are not too happy about it.

However, according to Pete Hines from Bethesda, there is really no reason why the fans should worry about the microtransaction. He added that the microtransaction will only allow players to buy cosmetic items that will not affect the gameplay at all. So that means those with extra money to spend will not automatically get ahead of the rest.

This will be the first time where players will actually encounter each other in the Fallout universe and it would be extremely unfair if the items bought could affect the game. Players can use real money to buy Atoms to use in the Atomic Shop but according to Bethesda, players will also be giving a lot of Atoms by just playing the game itself.

This is not the only thing that Bethesda is doing right. They also announce that the DLC for the game will be free as well. The game will officially be released on the 14th of November.

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