Over several floors customers can browse books, search for your favorite CD, you can wrap gifts or take part in events, for example, to the art of beautiful writing. The culture Department store Dussmann on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin stands for literature and the fine arts, for the dignified lifestyle of the educated bourgeoisie.

But this is only the shop window of the Dussmann group. Behind it is an Empire, in the a lot of money with plaster columns and elderly care, Catering and security services is earned. And in the future, perhaps through cooperation with the U.S. military. Because Dussmann wants to spin-offs according to research by the WORLD ON SUNDAY with the Germany-two U.S. military service providers to tender for security services apply. The transaction was notified to the Federal cartel office.

Neither Dussmann the other two companies involved want to say, and to which tender it is. “We are examining different projects,” explains a Dussmann spokeswoman. The two future business partners are highly interesting. The a, Triple Canopy Services, is a private U.S. security and military companies, which belongs to the const Ellis group. The germ-cell, the private anti-terrorist unit and the mercenary company Blackwater was.

The second U.S. Partner, the company Centrerra Integrated Services, from the construction of the fire protection to guard. Also Dussmann has been engaged in watch business, and could win by the US Partner and possibly the US military as a new Client.

in the Future, the Edelweiss barracks will be cleaned

With the armed forces, the company is already in business, if not in the guard. How from a tender, clean Dussmanns employees in the future, the Edelweiss barracks in the middle of the forest. For over a year, the cleaned surface is summed up there, to 1.72 million square feet and almost 2000 square feet of window. Also in the Karwendel barracks in the middle of the forest, the company operates 1.5 million square meters per year for a total of floors and well 1900 square meters of glass surface cleaned.

In the past, the application went out. In 2005, for example, were privatized in a pilot project, 13 troops have kitchens. At the time, Dussmann cooked daily for 5000 soldiers. However, the attempt failed, and the company’s founder, Peter Dussmann, announced after a year of the contract. It didn’t count for him.

On the orders of the military is you don’t talk at Dussmann. “We are isolated in objects,” explains the company spokesperson. A targeted new focus on the military as a customer it not give. For Dussmann was set up much too wide. In fact, the group is active in many areas. The group also operates the nursing homes Kursana now has almost 14,000 senior citizens, kindergartens, the so-called culture-and took recently the cleaning contract for 250 locations by the Federal employment Agency.

in Addition, the company recently won a tender for the object of protection in the former Bundestag building in Bonn and was able to extend the contract for the guarding of the Federal cartel office. Even the Bavarian fairy-tale castle of Neuschwanstein is now one of the Dussmann guarded objects.

In 17 countries would be offered 100 services, according to a company brochure. And for well over a year, acting speaker of the management Board Wolfgang Häfele wants to expand the “technical services, without neglecting our core business”. Currently, the group generates 60 percent of its revenue domestically and 40% abroad, mainly in Italy. 79 per cent of the revenues come from the sector of services, especially on building services.

“and a family to remain”

Chairman of the Board, Häfele will provide the Berlin-based group also back for more profitable growth. The industry expert was brought to you by Catherine von fürstenberg-Dussmann, the co-owner and Chairman of the Foundation Council, the Supreme body of the private enterprise. In the United States-born, 67-year-old entrepreneur and Ex-actress wants to increase the family heritage of their 2013 late husband and company founder, Peter Dussmann. An inheritance dispute with her daughter is shielded from the company’s activities.

Recently the group has published on its Website a short Video of how it with the company. Strategy Board Wolf-Dieter Adlhoch is called in it of coarse some of the key points of the Fürstenberg-Dussmann and the Board of Trustees adopted the roadmap for the next five years. “We don’t have to make everything different, but yet, much better,” predicts the strategy Board.

“We are a family company,” he promises, “that is, in the areas of Facility Management, care and support, as well as media trading.” Dussmann will discuss its further development no risks that could endanger the existence of the company. About the new potential customers from the military sector: not a word.

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