Blizzard is getting ready to release the Diablo 3 on Switch and they will be starting things off with a Diablo-themed contest.

One of them was the Legendary Scavenger Hunt which will send fans searching for things online and offline. Clues will be released on the Diablo Twitter page. Once you decipher the clues, you can start searching for it online or in real-life for an item or a QR code. All your treasure will be compiled on the Collections page and they will give you entries into the prize drawing.

The prize will include some pretty neat items like the Diablo 3 Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Bundle, Diablo 3 games for Switch and more. Some of the prizes could even be a physical version of the items found in the scavenger hunt created by Volpin Props.

The hunt has already started so head on to their Twitter page to join the hunt and see what the other players have to say.


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