There have been speculations that Diablo 3 might get a cross-play in the near future. We can see why the fans want that to happen but according to Blizzard, it will not be happening anytime soon. 

They made it clear that while they do love the idea of it, they do not have plans to make that happen right now. However, fans can still expect it to happen in the future as a Blizzard rep told Business Insider that the question now is when it will be happening not “if”. 

Fans can also look forward to hearing more about the popular franchise at BlizzCon this year. While we still do not know what Blizzard plans to offer, the schedule does suggest that Blizzard have some Diablo news to announce. They did say that they are working on a few Diablo projects but so far, we have not seen or heard anything. 



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