In the past years, various Management theories emerged and disappeared again: re-engineering should renew company. Some companies have stayed on the track. ISO 9000: The organizers could not offer enough seminars. The demand has greatly diminished.

Balanced Score Card: time-consuming, complicated and cumbersome. It is only rarely. The longest is recorded in the target agreements with executives. Employees should be certain businessmen, who themselves have over how much you earn. It turned out that they reached almost always, their goals and the money collected. Work in the sense of the Whole came in second place. Slowly, it moves away again.

The introduction of these methods is associated with a lot of time and money, you will be recommended and praised, and fade without lasting Benefit and the in-depth changes. You are set to avoid harmful side effects.

nature as a model template

Why is this? This question is allowed, because it looks so, as would take place with “agility” the Failure of the next recipe in front of our eyes.

The models for the company are derived from the nature: swarm intelligence, agility, self-organization. They are simple programs, movements without content or even complicated relationships. Only a few ever understand what is meant by self-organization.

swarm intelligence is a very simple algorithm, and corresponds to the sensory-motor reflex arc, where a pulse from the sense organs through the backbone, directly into the muscles without the brain, is interposed.

The world of people is based on other processes: the language, the culture and the philosophy. Models from nature are processes without the spirit, the pattern, the take place without language, and without Thinking. However, that is what being human and different from animals.

Because we can talk about the things of nature, we create a distance between us and the nature, the means of autonomy and frees us from natural constraints. From this intermediate space, the means of our freedom, we create culture, our design is power, we are creative and artists.

The language of Thinking is a prerequisite for our rational, philosophical systems and cultural works.

times, in which the philosophy of critical rationalism prevailed

do you Remember the time when Helmut Schmidt was Chancellor, Alfred Herrhausen Chairman of the management Board of Deutsche Bank, and Klaus Liesen Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VW? Through its support of the Nato double-track decision, Helmut Schmidt, has contributed to the end of the Cold war.

The German Bank, Herrhausen was a culturally high-standing company with great international Reputation – economically unusually successful.

VW looked into the abyss, as Liesen Supervisory Board Chairman. Through strategic re-orientation and other personnel decisions, he inaugurated the company new perspectives.

Schmidt, Herr Hausen, and Liesen were in areas that could not be more different. Something they had in common: the philosophy of critical rationalism of Karl Popper. Herrhausen was even a personal friend with the philosopher.

no one is in possession of the truth. Right commander-in-chief, and know-it-alls, we don’t need. On the way to the truth, we are dependent on others. The ability to take criticism, i.e., be willing to criticize and criticize, is critical. It is nothing else than a better solution.

Helmut Schmidt has been involved in a world-historical event, Herrhausen, and Liesen, have led their companies so that you can get in a comparison with today, tears in the eyes.

Non-operating Gewurstel or organizational hustle and bustle has guided their Actions, but a fundamental philosophical conviction: critical, future-oriented and in search of the Better.

holistic business plans

For businesses are in Demand, we do not need concepts to be provided with pseudo-religious claim, but those that concern the whole enterprise: its organization, its culture, its methods and his understanding of the people. They are designed in such a way that they consist mainly of learning processes and each other’s learning processes intensify (Peter Senge).

super-ego of humans, and even the performers are not asked. We also need leaders who are not functioning as the superego of the people, or as a self-cast to occur, and neither-like ideologues forced still dependent populists, but players, artists, mystics.

Our society is experiencing a far-reaching period of change, caused by the fact that nano-technology, life Sciences, computer science, and cognitive Sciences flow together and influence each other.

Instead of: player, artist, and mystic

players are people who see a space of Possibility are always new chances, the facts are not overwhelming and defeats again for the next round of learning.

artists connect high with excitement, the thrills. You can move between objective performance and emotional awakening.

mystics are recorded in your life from an idea and her life from one event, taken in the Depths of your being, to the Orient of your life and with a tremendous energy.

Paul founds a world religion. Francis creates a movement that the youth of Europe-wide register. Ignatius of Loyola founded a society, which counts in a short period of time thousands of members. You are on the move worldwide. He directs you via a letter. Today, they form a company with 20,000 employees.

the mind instead of blind nature, diversity in Thinking, rather than mono-causal activity, enthusiasm and Can-and should-be the future of our magic words.

The author is a columnist for the founder of the Institute, “geiselhart seminars” and the BALANCE sheet.

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