Dice has made it clear from the start that Battlefield 5 will come with a microtransaction mechanic but it looks like they will only open their doors sometime later.

According to Dice, the game will have two forms of currency. The first will be the Company Coin which is earned through in-game progression. Players can use this to buy customization options for your Company.

Then there is the Battlefield Currency which is the real-money currency in the game. The currency can get you cosmetics but these items will not affect the gameplay at all so players won’t have to worry about being at a disadvantage.

The developer has now announced that the microtransaction will not be a part of the game when it arrives but will be added sometime after the game has been launch. No official date was given yet. Another feature that will be added in the future in Firestorm, the battle royale mode which will arrive next March.


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