Frankfurt book fair: A thousand-page Porno

The Problem with literature begins in front of the wardrobe: What should I wear? I don't know anybody here, don't want to be noticed right at the beginning because of disregard of the code. For the award of the German book prize I reject...

Munich, Cologne, Berlin: Here, you can afford with a minimum wage no apartment more

8,84 Euro per hour, the German minimum wage is since 2017. Who has a full time job 37.5 hours a week, earned in the month of 1.444 euros gross, Overtime and bonus payments are not included. Of the one who has to...

Sharing in Canada: the legalization of Cannabis is fatal

Oh, how beautiful Canada is. With an envious Sigh, many Germans look to the North American country, which has taken place this week, as the first industrial nation of the world, the full legalization of Cannabis. Thus, marijuana and hashish are no...

The Mexico, c&taxes;té Pacific

Has more than 300 km from Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido and Zipolite are seaside resorts is very popular with Mexicans and surfers. On break at the Hotel Escondido thirty minutes from Puerto Escondido is the retirement favorite of trendy Mexico city. A dozen luxury...

Psychology: Why are we etching to us at the age often wasted

"I'd have to see some ID." People who hear this sentence when it comes to alcohol purchase, only one conclusion remains: "I'm obviously very young." Some understand it as a compliment, others are annoyed or make your own Occur out of the...


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2019 Honda Civic Hatchback & Type R Get Minor Upgrades

Honda had a few announcements to make this week including upgrades that some of their 2019 models will be getting. The 2019 Honda Civic model...