Ford Will Make Use Of VW’s MEB Platform?

While Ford had been trying to get their electric vehicle lineup going, it is still pretty unimpressive compared to what their rivals are offering right now but that could be changing in the future. Right now, if you are looking for an EV model from...

2019 Honda Accord Minimal Update Won’t Do It Any Good

The 2019 Honda Accord will be arriving in the US next month and since the 2018 model was given such a major upgrade, we did not expect the 2019 model to come with much changes which are exactly the case. While that would not...

BMW 3-Series: Even The Best Can’t Escape This

The BMW M3 and M4 models are two of the most powerful model in the BMW 3 Series-based M cars when it was released but it looks like having too much power under the hood might have also come with unexpected problems. BMW will be...

2026 Land Rover Defender Sport: Focusing On Comfort

Although they have been a lot of rumors about the Land Rover Defender, there is still a lot of details missing but Car Magazine might be able to shine some light on those and even give us some additional information on what the Land...

2019 Lexus LX Inspiration Series: Limited & Luxurious

Lexus will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show this year where they will be showing off their 2019 Lexus LX Inspiration Series which will be coming in as a luxury and limited model. To separate it from the standard model, the 2019 Lexus LX...


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2019 Honda Civic Hatchback & Type R Get Minor Upgrades

Honda had a few announcements to make this week including upgrades that some of their 2019 models will be getting. The 2019 Honda Civic model...