As he talks about life in Canada, immigrants from Nigeria, the tears

"What more could I ask for from God?" ask me, Christian. He has done it. To Canada, into the land of dreams. Christian is 30, a mountain of a man, but in this Moment he seems to be very small. When he...

Pokemon GO: More Region Exclusive Pokemon 

Depending on where you live, you might miss out on some of the Pokemon in Pokemon Go as they will only appear in certain regions. With the new trading feature now, getting those region-exclusive Pokemon is easier now. With that, here are the new region –exclusive Gen 4 Pokemons.  Pokemons from the Sinnoh region has...

EU-Commission example, denounces “lots of debt” to: fire letter to Italy

Still, it is not the formal rejection of the budget - but the letter of the EU financial Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, Italian Finance Minister Giovanni Tria has written, is more than clear. for 2019 planned budget in Italy, it is...

No Man’s Sky Join The Halloween Event Party

No Man's Sky will also be one of the games that will have a Halloween event for their fans. According to Hello Games, the next title update for the game will be called The Abyss and here is what it might offer. According to Sean...

Brexit : the negotiations that n'is not a

Despite dozens of meetings and dozens of hours of discussion between Michel Barnier, the european side, and David Davis and Dominic Raab on the british side (six meetings since July 19), this is not a negotiation. Why ? Because...


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2019 Honda Civic Hatchback & Type R Get Minor Upgrades

Honda had a few announcements to make this week including upgrades that some of their 2019 models will be getting. The 2019 Honda Civic model...