Fortnite: Back To The Cube 

It seems like Fortnite developer have been planning sometimes big for the game ever since the meteors started appearing back in Season 3. The event has lead us to the mysterious purple cube which was last seen coming out of Loot Lake and raise into the sky to form a...

Fallout 76: A Message Before Beta Release

Fans of the Fallout series are preparing to get a taste of what the game is like with the new beta release which will be happening this week but before that happens, Bethesda has a message for their fans so that they understand what...

Quake Offered Battle Royale Before It Was A Thing?

It does feel like every online game out there one to have some sort of Battle Royale mode but according to id Software, the developer behind games like Quake, this has been around for some time now. According to Tim Willits, Quake did have a...

Arms exports: Saudi Arabia is the second-best customer of the German arms industry

Saudi Arabia is a leading force in the Yemen war, and yet so far, the second best customer of the German arms industry in the current year. Up to 30. September granted the Federal government export permits to the value of 416,4...

Less money, more freedom: The secret to a happier teacher in the Netherlands

for almost nine years, Susan Donker (29) is a primary school teacher: "After high school, I am equal to the College of education. In the fourth year of study, I then as a 'teacher education' already entirely self-taught.“ Since two years she...


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2019 Honda Civic Hatchback & Type R Get Minor Upgrades

Honda had a few announcements to make this week including upgrades that some of their 2019 models will be getting. The 2019 Honda Civic model...