Migration debate at the EU summit: Merkel’s cul-de-SAC

solidarity is the magic word in the EU debate on refugees and migrants is currently. The Problem is that Everyone interprets the term differently, and that was at the EU summit. The main characters: Austria's Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, the migration...

Scandal pédophilie in Pennsylvania : inquiry&stop;te fédérale

The u.s. department of Justice has opened an investigation into the sexual abuse committed by catholic priests of the State of Pennsylvania over a thousand children over a period of 70 years, the facts brought last August by a report of the public prosecutor,...

The case of Khashoggi: Turkish authorities search Saudi Consul residence

After talks in Riyadh US pleaded to Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, first of all, the investigation has to be seen that the Saudi Arabian leadership had assured him of. There is a suspicion that the Saudi Arabian leadership, the...

Mélenchon is “republican-when-it-l'arrange,” according to Griveaux

While Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounced an operation of "political police" in the wake of searches carried out yesterday, he made a tackle by Benjamin Griveaux Wednesday morning on RTL. The government spokesman has denounced his attitude as " unacceptable ". For Benjamin Griveaux,...

Because of Brexit: NS-want to Persecuted German passport back

The number of applications for German citizenship in the UK has soared, according to a media report, since the Brexit vote of eight. The largest proportion of applicants were people who had once fled before the Nazi Regime to great Britain and...


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2019 Honda Civic Hatchback & Type R Get Minor Upgrades

Honda had a few announcements to make this week including upgrades that some of their 2019 models will be getting. The 2019 Honda Civic model...