After talks in Riyadh US pleaded to Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, first of all, the investigation has to be seen that the Saudi Arabian leadership had assured him of.

There is a suspicion that the Saudi Arabian leadership, the government’s critics Khashoggi at the 2. October was a visit to the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul of torture and murder. Although Riyadh denies this, but has provided no evidence that Khashoggi left the Consulate alive. After the Tuesday night already at the Consulate have been searched, the police now also the nearby residence under the magnifier.

every Day, new Details in the case of Khashoggi

The search of the residence of the Consul Mohammed al-Otaibi had been delayed because Saudi Arabia had refused permission initially, as the Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced on Wednesday. Al-Otaibi left on Tuesday evening in Istanbul in the direction of Riyadh. Cavusoglu before stressed, the Consul had not been shown, but he threw him at the same time, a "disrespectful behavior" after the Disappearance Khashoggis.

The Turkish leadership has, so far, assignments, direct guilt in the case, but Turkish media publish almost daily new Details from the police investigation, the Saudi Arabia strain. The newspaper "Yeni Safak said" on Wednesday, an audio recording from the Consulate, the evidence that Khashoggi had been cut off during an interrogation a plurality of fingers, before he had been beheaded.

Was killed Khashoggi of a "Murder squad"?

According to the report, al-Otaibi objections arose that this be done at the Consulate. "If you want to live when you return to Saudi Arabia, shut up," he was then one of the men replied. According to Turkish investigators, Khashoggi of a "Murder squad&quot was killed; from 15 Saudi Arabs who traveled on the day of Khashoggis Disappear to Istanbul, before they returned in the evening to the Riad.

The "New York Times" reported that, of the 15 Suspects, nine for the Saudi Arabian military, the government or the security services worked, and four belonged directly to the environment of the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Accordingly, one of the men escorted travel repeatedly bin Salman abroad. One of the other Suspects, the newspaper identified as a coroner for the Ministry of the interior.

the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States charged

The suspicion that bin Salman was a critic in his own Consulate, murdering, charged, the relationship of Saudi Arabia to be an ally of the US. US President, Donald Trump sent his foreign Minister on Tuesday to Riyadh, to receive enlightenment. Trump stressed, however, that the presumption of innocence should also apply to its allies Saudi Arabia.

During his visit to the Saudi Arabian capital Pompeo also met two Times, Salman am. On the flight to hold talks in Ankara, Pompeo said he is a "in-depth, complete, and transparent investigation," agreed to, Saudi Arabia should complete first. "I think that it is reasonable to give them this opportunity, and then we can all judge," said Pompeo.

In Ankara, Pompeo met on Wednesday first, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, before he met with Cavusoglu. This then spoke of a "productive, but short" Meeting. Pompeo said on the flight back to the USA, Washington was considering that because of the arrest of the US Pastor Andrew Brunson imposed sanctions against Turkey to be lifted. Brunson had been left on Friday.

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