The u.s. department of Justice has opened an investigation into the sexual abuse committed by catholic priests of the State of Pennsylvania over a thousand children over a period of 70 years, the facts brought last August by a report of the public prosecutor, have declared on Thursday October 18, six dioceses.

This is the first time that a federal investigation is opened in the United States on charges of sexual abuse committed by prepared catholics and their concealment by the authorities of the episcopal.

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In a report of 884 pages, arising from two years of investigation, and instructed the 14 August, the attorney general of Pennsylvania has described in detail the abuses committed by nearly 300 men of the church over a period of 70 years.

The folder is based on archives kept by the dioceses, confessions handwritten inter alia, explained the attorney general.


Josh Shapiro has declared that if the dioceses of Pennsylvania have systematically denied the charges of sexual abuse, they secretly documented instances of abuse, and have often sent the information to the Vatican.

The news agency Associated Press was the first to reveal Thursday the opening of an investigation by the Justice department.

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The dioceses of Pennsylvania have said they have received subpoenas from the federal government for charges of sexual abuse of children by more than 300 catholic priests in the State of Pennsylvania. They have stated that they cooperated with the authorities. No comment has been made by the department of Justice.


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