Still missing journalists are missing from the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul Jamal Khashoggi each track. Meanwhile US President Donald Trump of his death. This should not remain without response, calling for German politicians. Ex-foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, about the need for a “clear line” against the Saudi Royal house. “The West and especially Europe must not turn a blind eye out of fear of diplomatic or economic threats,” Gabriel said of the “image”. “We are not weak.”

It show “how devastating it is that Saudi Arabia, apparently with the support of the US President Donald Trump so feel safe and secure, that has become conceivable,” said Gabriel. Trump had reported after a telephone conversation with crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, of these disputes, involvement in the case. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo had led the Tuesday and Wednesday talks in Riyadh and Ankara, and also the crown Prince met.

Khashoggi was on 2. October passed in Turkey in the Saudi Consulate, there to papers for his planned wedding to pick up. Since then, he has disappeared. The Turkish authorities, according to media reports, the Journalist was killed in the Consulate of Saudi Arabia travelled to, special command.

“full explanation

demand”, The FDP, as a consequence of the international shoulder-to-shoulder: “Germany and the other G7 should request in a follow-up to their joint statement, the Saudi Ambassador in their countries and stressed the need for a full investigation of demand,” said FDP Deputy Alexander Graf Lambsdorff. The crown Prince did not know “that he will present himself as a Reformer, and at the same time the human and civil rights can occur”.

in Addition, the German economy could not support a conference in the coming week in Saudi Arabia for so long, until the case, Khashoggi is clearly elucidated, called Lambsdorff. The Greens will see a German participation in the Meeting in Riyadh critical. You asked Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser for its part to cancel.

More on the subject of Open questions in the case of Khashoggi facts, rumors, tall tales

In a letter to the Green party member of Parliament, Margarete Bause and Omid Nouripour of Kaeser says: “as Long as the serious suspicion is not cleared from the world that the Saudi leadership or your child have brought an unpopular system critics to Silence prohibits any ‘business as usual’.” Kaeser had left to participate in the conference open. Also Union politician Norbert Röttgen told the MIRROR, there should currently be no ‘business as usual’ with Saudi Arabia.

Previously, had already cancelled IMF Chief Christine Lagarde and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin their participation. “We have decided that I will not participate in the Future-Investment-Initiative-summit in Saudi Arabia,” wrote Mnuchin. Also, the German foreign Minister Heiko Maas rejected his travel plans to Saudi Arabia.

In the meantime, the Turkish authorities continue to search for the corpse of the Khashoggis. The previous investigations have suggested, that the mortal Remains of the Bosporus the sea of Marmara, were probably in the Belgrade forest on the outskirts of Istanbul, as well as in a rural area near the town of Yalova in the South, reported the Reuters news Agency with reference to anonymous Insider.



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