While Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounced an operation of “political police” in the wake of searches carried out yesterday, he made a tackle by Benjamin Griveaux Wednesday morning on RTL. The government spokesman has denounced his attitude as ” unacceptable “. For Benjamin Griveaux, the leader of France insubordinate “the same arguments that Marine Le Pen” on the politicization of the justice.

“It has the same arguments as Marine Le Pen, it should start asking,” responded on RTL Benjamin Griveaux, for which ” it is inadmissible that in France, to question the independence of the judicial authority “. Searches were conducted Tuesday morning at the headquarters of France rebellious and in its leader, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in the framework of investigations on jobs alleged dummy of the european parliament and on the campaign accounts of the ex-candidate, who has denounced a ” massive operation of political police “.

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” It is not in Caracas, there is not in Venezuela, even if I know that he has a fascination for this country and for the way in which the rule of law is set in Venezuela. Here, it is in France ; the independence of the judiciary, it is total, ” added the government spokesperson. “It should be the query to get the applause of the deputies of the national Rally, formerly the national Front, which have not changed the name and that kept the bottom “, he insisted.

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On France 2, the new secretary of State for Youth Gabriel Attal has estimated that” at bottom what is Jean-Luc Mélenchon, it is the praise of impunity for the powerful “. “I’m not for the return of privileges “, he added. “Mr. Mélenchon must understand that the rules are the same for all, whether one is elected or not elected “, added the Economy minister Bruno Le Maire said on Radio Classique. “What shocks me, is that Mr Mélenchon could say that his person is sacred, and that his website and his party would be inviolable by the courts “, he added.

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