In an Interview with the news magazine FOCUS said Stoiber: “The Greens have changed a lot in the past few years in terms of personnel. The kind, like a Robert Habeck appeals to the voters is very different than Jürgen Trittin. But the Greens have not changed their positions on many points, Essentially.“

Stoiber criticized, among other things, the blockade of the Greens in the deportation of asylum seekers. “Of the programs, the CSU and the greens are a difficult match,” said the CSU politician of the FOCUS. How to make the CSU “a sensible policy with a party that refuses to comply with the Maghreb countries as safe countries of Origin to recognize? Don’t want to be deported in the Winter? And the interests of the safety of the police tasks law looks so completely different than the CSU?“

"All the Prime Minister outside of Bavaria would consider such a result as a success"

At the same time, Stoiber doubted that a Jamaica coalition would make in the Federal government’s successful policy of the Great coalition: “If Jamaica would have the content reaches more than the current Grand coalition, is open.”

Stoiber dismissed the recent criticism of the CDU-Minister President Volker Bouffier, Daniel Günther and Armin back Laschet on his party after the electoral defeat sharp. Stoiber said in an Interview: “I find the statements of the CDU colleagues as misplaced. All of the Prime Minister outside of Bavaria would consider such a result as a success.“

Stoiber invited the heads of government to constructive proposals. To criticize “instead of us, Armin Laschet and Daniel Günther say what you want to do better, to achieve the result of the CSU. The major challenges of its own.“ Stoiber stressed in the FOCUS, the CSU election result was “a worse blow. The entire CSU is hit hard.“ Nevertheless, the CSU is still “the most powerful people’s party in Europe.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Theo Waigel, in accordance with his criticism of the CSU course and recommends Seehofer, the resignation sleigh


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