The former Chairman of the CDU group in the Bundestag, and today’s business lawyer, Friedrich Merz, 62, has led discussions in Brussels with senior representatives from the EU institutions. The WORLD learned from informed groups of Participants.

Merz met for talks with the EU budget Commissioner, Günther Oettinger, Brexit chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, and with about 15 German EU top officials, the close of the CDU/CSU or belong to. In groups of Participants, it was said: “This was a test run. Merz wanted to know what you think in the EU, the German government and Chancellor Merkel.“

Background: In Berlin, there are always rumors that Merz is thinking about a return to the policy and, where appropriate, a high office in the CDU or in the Federal government could take over.

the content of the talks, including the TRANS-Atlantic relations, the Brexit, the upcoming European elections, the Performance of the Federal government in Berlin and Brussels, and the dispute between the sister parties CDU and CSU.


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