The number of applications for German citizenship in the UK has soared, according to a media report, since the Brexit vote of eight. The largest proportion of applicants were people who had once fled before the Nazi Regime to great Britain and their descendants. The Newspapers of the Funke media group reports citing the response to a request from the FDP group in the Bundestag.

the number of requests to the so-called Re-introduction in 2015 of 59, since 2016, a total of 3731 of such applications in the case of German missions abroad in the UK, as it is called. The largest part of it had been made under article 116, paragraph 2 of the basic law.

article 116 guarantees of the Nazi era and their descendants Followed the law, deprived of German citizenship again. In 2016, there have already been 760 of such applications, in the past year, there were in 1824, and in this year to September, 1147.

tens of thousands fled from the Nazis to Britain

tens of thousands of people, mainly Jews, fled from persecution by the Nazi Regime to great Britain. Around 10,000 minors were due to the so-called children’s transport to the United Kingdom. The rescue operation was launched to make Attacks launched after the violence on Jews during the pogroms in November 1938 in Germany. Many of the children never saw their parents again.

The interior policy spokesman for the FDP, Konstantin Kuhle, according to which the development has to do with the upcoming Britain to leave the EU. The sudden increase in applications since the Brexit vote in 2016 to show that many of the citizens wanted to remain in the United Kingdom, “the benefits of citizenship of the Union” in the EU, said Kuhle the spark of Newspapers. The European Union should not forget “that many people feel in the United Kingdom, the EU,” says Kuhle.


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